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Carl Edwards vs Jimmie Johnson – Who Will Take The Cake

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The race between Carl Edwards and Jimmie Johnson is panning out to be neck and neck after 11 races. There are still many believers in a few strong outings from Kevin Harvick, but it will likely come down to these 2 power houses. Many bloggers and NASCAR enthusiasts have been noting that Edwards has the edge with a stronger pit crew and faster car, but Jimmie still has strong experience on his side.

Check out our updated poll located in the right side and let us know who you think will be driving the solo drive down victory lane… whether it’s Carl Edwards, Jimmie Johnson or anyone else for that matter.

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NASCAR Driving School

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Check out this Fox 13 news segment highlighting the NASCAR Tech, Institute.

NASCAR the Best of the Worst Crashes

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The Best of the Worst NASCAR Crashes. None of the crashes featured in this video were fatal.