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Milka Dunno : Is This the End?

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An article posted on ESPN on July 24th stated that the IRL placed Milka Duno on probation until December 31st due to consistently failing to meet minimal performance standards. It was stated that the 38-year old Venezuelan driver needed to show “immediate and substantial improvement in her driving.”

Duno has consistently been one of the slowest drivers at every IndyCar Series road race. Her team owner, Dale Coyne needs the sponsorship supper that Dunno brings in from oil giant Citgo to keep his team in good standings. He defends her by saying, “She hasn’t done street circuits, so we knew the challenge was bigger on street tracks.”

The biggest issue isn’t her poor speeds, but how her poor speeds on the track are effecting other racers who get stuck behind her as they try to lap her. For more information on her driving patterns and public appearances, read more here.

Move Over Danica Patrick

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Sixteen-year-old Savannah Rickli has her sights set high. She has aspirations to be the first women to win the Indy 500. For the past 9 years, Rickli has been starting her racing journey where most young racers start: racing karts. She currently competes in a Mini Cooper with heavy modifications and is sponsored by SCR Performance and Built By Bones.

This past weekend, Rickli finished the Pikes Peak International Hull Climb. It’s a one way, 12.4 mile trip up Colorado’s highest mountain. She scaled the mountain with a competitive time of 13:58.

Move over Danica Patrick, looks like Savannah Rickli is bringing the heat.

A Day in the Life of Danica Patrick

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Diddy & Wahlberg Race IndyCars

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Think IndyCar is just for the professionals on the track? Think again! This weekend, Diddy and Mark Wahlberg took place in the AquaHydrate Indy Car Race. Diddy and Wahlberg are the co-owners of the new company selling  high-performance sports water. Watch the interview of Mark and see them get ready to race down the streets of LA.

Fantasy Racing: IndyCar Nation

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Fantasy Baseball, Fantasy Football…of course, there’s Fantasy Racing.

Sign up today for the 2010 Season for free

Don’t know how to play? That’s alright. The world of fantasy racing allows you to experience the thrill of racing reason first hand! Strategize and select players weekly to accumulate points based on your driver’s performance on the real-life track.

The only catch is that you can only select each driver a maximum of six times during the season. So, if you choose a top contender for those first six weeks…be ready to put him on pit row for the rest of the season.

The contest runs 17 weeks and begins on March 14, 2010 and ending with the last scheduled race on October 2, 2010. You may enter at any time during the contest.

What are you waiting for? On your marks, get set, start fantasy racing!

Sao Paulo New Street Circuit

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Details have just been released regarding the new street circuit that will host this year’s IZOD IndyCar Series season opener. The race takes place in Sao Paulo, Brazil on March 14.

Sao Paulo Street Circuit

Sao Paulo Street Circuit

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U.S. Ethanol Industry Criticizies IRL Deal with Brazil

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cornfieldgreenThe U.S. ethanol industry is expressing their disappointment in the Indy Racing League’s decision to promote ethanol made in Brazil. The IRL is set to finalize a contract with the Brazilian government in order to secure ethanol for the 2009 IndyCar season. Ethanol groups have stated that the IRL did not alert U.S. corn growers of their plans to go outside of the states to secure a clean fuel for their upcoming racing season.  The IRL has recently responded to these statements. The IRL has explained that while they had previous contracts with U.S. ethanol producers, the IRL was notified that these producers would not be renewing the agreement for the 2009 season. No other American-based ethanol organization stepped up with a proposal and as a result, the IRL was forced to look elsewhere.