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The Racepresso

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The alarm buzzer sounds at the wee hour of 5:30AM—yep, it’s Monday already. You hobble in the dark to find the bathroom. Somehow you manage to get through your typical morning routine without even opening your eyes. We are impressed, but not as impressed as you’re about to be once you’ve seen this product. You’re obviously on this blog because you have a love of racing. Whether your patriotism lays with NASCAR, F1 or Indy, there’s a natural urge inside of you for fast cars and talented drivers. Combine that love of racing with your love of coffee (after all, that was your next stop once you opened your eyes). This coffee machine is the ultimate for race fans. Ferrari teamed up with a company called Nespresso to create the Racepresso. This helmet-styled espresso machine exemplifies your love of racing and helps you score a nice cup of Joe in the morning—what could be better than that?

Kimi Räikkönen Leaves Formula One

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Kimi July 25, 2009

After failing to find a car for 2010, Ferrari’s world champion has announced that he is to leave F1 for rallying. He leaves the sport after nine seasons.  He was forced to leave Ferrari in order to make room for Fernando Alonso. There were talks of Räikkönen moving to a different team, but his rumored salary is close to $50 million and is not reflective of  his last two seasons’ performances.

There are rumors of Räikkönen continue his career in rallying.

Kimi July 31, 2009


Photo Credit: Mark Thompson/Getty Images, Massimo Bettiol/Getty Images

Alonso Signs 5 Year Deal with Ferrari

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Fernando Alonso

Fernando Alonso

Two-time World Champion Fernando Alonso has signed a 5 year deal with Ferrari believed to worth 25 million Euros per year.

The news comes as a shock to no one as rumors of Alonso making the move to Ferrari have been around for years and have become even more prevalent lately.

The deal is most likely going to displace Kimi Raikkonen from the Italian team while Robert Kubica will be filling the void left by Alonso at Renault.


Brawn Welcomes Schumacher’s Return

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michael_schumacher_2Ross Brawn, the mastermind behind Michal Schumacher’s seven Championships, is excited about Schumi’s return as long as it doesn’t disrupt Brawn GP’s Jenson Button Championship in 2009. Brawn has gotten to know Schumacher well over the years, and was not surprised when the he accepted the opportunity to jump back in a Ferrari after his retirement in 2006.

“After Massa’s terrible accident, it was natural for him to say yes given the need of his old team,” Brawn told Gazzetta dello Sport.

Schumacher has been affiliated with the Ferrari Formula 1 team since his retirement as an advisor for the team.

“Michael will return with his usual determination and seriousness, but above all with the intention of having fun.

“Personally, I admit I’m excited and can’t wait to see him at work.”

“He has to familiarize himself with the car, but I’m sure if he doesn’t win one of the remaining races of the season it will not be his fault, but because Ferrari is not in a winning position.”

Schumacher will be return to Formula 1 on August 23rd in Valenica, Spain.

Source: Planet F1

Michael Schumacher Return Welcomed by Rivals

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Michael Schumacher

Michael Schumacher

Forget the radical regulation changes, the withdrawal of BMW from the championship, Felipe Massa’s life-threatening accident and the potential break-up of Formula 1, the focus of Formula 1 is clearly on the return of F1 legend Michael Schumacher.

Schumacher will return to Formula 1 on August 23rd in Valencia, Spain for the European Grand Prix in place of the injured Felipe Massa for Ferrari.

Current Formula 1 drivers are welcoming the return of Schumi.

“It will be good to have Michael back out there racing again,” said Button.

“There are very good people out there racing at the moment, but to have Michael there again will be very special, although I’m sure we all wish Felipe was there also.”

Current Formula 1 World Champion Lewis Hamilton has also commented on Schumacher’s return, saying it will be an “honour and a privilege” to compete against the F1 “legend.”

“I am excited by the possibility of Michael Schumacher’s return to Formula 1 assuming it happens, but my thoughts are still with Felipe and his family following his terrible accident in Hungary,” said Hamilton.

“Michael is one of the sport’s greatest competitors and a legend in his own right and it would be great to compete against him.

“The whole world will be watching his return to the cockpit in Valencia and it will not only be fascinating to see how he readies himself for his grand prix comeback but also an honour and a privilege to race against him for the very first time. I wish him well.”


Michael Schumacher Returns to Formula 1

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Michael Schumacher

Michael Schumacher

Michael Schumacher only needs to pass an FIA physical in order to fill Felipe Massa’s spot at Ferrari for the remainder on the season. The seven-time Formula 1 world champion should have no problem with the physical since he’s been keeping fit by racing motorcycles and moonlighting as the Stig. Schumacher should be available to make his Formula 1 return at next month’s Europena Grand Prix in Valencia.

Schumacher never really left Ferrari as he has been on board as an advisor since his 2006 retirement. Expect Valencia, Spain to be extra red on August 23 when Ferrari’s hero returns.

Felipe Massa Awake After Horrible Crash

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Felipe Massa

Felipe Massa

Felipe Massa is now awake and visiting with family members after his frightening high speed crash during qualifying in Hungary. The Ferrari driver was fighting for his life after a spring came loose from Rubens Barrichello’s Brawn car and hit Massa in the head while he was going approximately 150 mph. The impact from the spring knocked out Massa and he then slammed head-on into a barrier at 60 mph. He suffered brain swelling and damage to his eye.

Massa is reportedly now breathing under his own power and is able to move his limbs. He is described at groggy but is able to answer questions. Massa is not expected to return to Formula 1 this season. His future in the sport is questionable.