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FOTA and FIA Resolve Dispute, Mosley Out as FIA President

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max-mosley-fiaA deal has finally been reached between the FIA and FOTA (Formula One Teams Association), which will ensure there will be one unified Formula 1 Championship in 2010. FOTA, comprised of eight Formula 1 teams, banded together in response to the FIA’s proposal to place a budget cap of $65 million per team. After much bitter debate, FOTA announced that they would break free of Formula 1 and the FIA to form their own racing championship. After being served this ultimatum, Formula 1 Supreme Leader Bernie Ecclestone was forced to negotiate in order to save his empire.

On Wednesday it was announced that current FIA President Max Mosley has agreed not to run for re-election. This may have been mandated by either Ecclestone or FOTA as the tone of recent statements from Mosley suggested negotiation was not an option.

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FOTA vs. FIA Battle Time Line Revealed

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FOTA - Formula One Teams Association

FOTA - Formula One Teams Association

The recent announcement by the FOTA has rocked the Formula 1 world. The FOTA teams are showing their solidarity and making their intentions known to the world. A resolution is still possible and if Ecclestone wants save his empire he will have to cave and give these top tier teams what they want. How do did we even get to this point? provides a great time line showing the key points in this politically charged year in Formula 1.

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FOTA vs. FIA Time Line

Formula 1 to Make Return to North America?

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united-states-formula-1The only Formula 1 Grand Prix in North America last year was the Canadian Grand Prix, and in case you haven’t checked this year’s schedule yet, North America has been excluded completely.

Canadian officials have confirmed that they have been talking to Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone to bring Formula 1 back to the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve in Montreal. The Canadians are hoping to come to a more reasonable agreement with Bernie in order to secure another Formula 1 stint in Canada. While bringing back the Canadian Grand Prix would be the easiest solution for North America, other projects are in the works.

A track near Niagara Falls, Ontario is rumored to be built which would include a 1 mile oval track for NASCAR (yawn) and a 2.5 miles road track. Seating for the venue to reported to be at 100,000. Other projects which are supposedly in the works include a track in upstate New York and near Detriot.