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Formula 1 2009 Rec-Cap Video

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Watch this Formula 1 2009 Review Video and catch up on all the happenings in 2009.

Preparations for 2009 Formula One Season in Progress

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lewis-hamiltonEven though the Formula 1 season has just ended, preparations for the next season have already begun. Most teams are currently participating in this week’s testing in Barcelona. Many of the teams are said to be using hybrid cars which are just one of the new rules for the 2009 season.

In an attempt to increase the amount of passing in F1, this years cars will feature wider front wings and narrower rear wings. The purpose of this is to reduce the aerodynamic turbulence coming from the rear of the lead car, which unbalances the front end of the chase car. The 2009 cars will also feature cleaner body sides as most of the aerodynamic appendages between the wings have been banned. BMW Sauber has already shown their new aerodynamics package on the track.


Many teams are reported to be testing the new KER (Kinetic Energy Recovery) systems or just simulate the additional weight the systems will end up adding. KERS utilizes a flywheel technology to recover and store a vehicle’s kinetic energy while the vehicles decelerates. Some of the captured energy will be used deliver extra power during the lap.

Another important change for the 2009 season includes a return to slick tires.