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camshaft1The camshaft is an engine component used in piston engines to open and close valves. It is a cylindrical rod that runs the length of the cylinder bank. The rod contains many cams or lobes, each which operate a valve. The lobes open the valves by pressing down on the valve as they spin.

The relationship between the rotation of the camshaft and the rotation of the crankshaft is extremely important. The valves control the flow of the air/fuel mixture intake and exhaust.  The valves must be opened and closed at the exact time during the stroke of the piston in order to operate properly. The camshaft is either connected to the crankshaft directly. It can also be connected by a gear mechanism or with a timing belt (also called a timing chain).

In Formula 1, FIA regulations mandate that camshafts must be manufactured from an iron based alloy and that each camshaft and lobe must be machined from one single piece. No welding between the front and rear bearing journals is permitted.