The Racepresso

The alarm buzzer sounds at the wee hour of 5:30AM—yep, it’s Monday already. You hobble in the dark to find the bathroom. Somehow you manage to get through your typical morning routine without even opening your eyes. We are impressed, but not as impressed as you’re about to be once you’ve seen this product. You’re obviously on this blog because you have a love of racing. Whether your patriotism lays with NASCAR, F1 or Indy, there’s a natural urge inside of you for fast cars and talented drivers. Combine that love of racing with your love of coffee (after all, that was your next stop once you opened your eyes). This coffee machine is the ultimate for race fans. Ferrari teamed up with a company called Nespresso to create the Racepresso. This helmet-styled espresso machine exemplifies your love of racing and helps you score a nice cup of Joe in the morning—what could be better than that?


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