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Milka Dunno : Is This the End?

Posted in IndyCar with tags , , , , , , , on August 3, 2010 by autoracingpower

An article posted on ESPN on July 24th stated that the IRL placed Milka Duno on probation until December 31st due to consistently failing to meet minimal performance standards. It was stated that the 38-year old Venezuelan driver needed to show “immediate and substantial improvement in her driving.”

Duno has consistently been one of the slowest drivers at every IndyCar Series road race. Her team owner, Dale Coyne needs the sponsorship supper that Dunno brings in from oil giant Citgo to keep his team in good standings. He defends her by saying, “She hasn’t done street circuits, so we knew the challenge was bigger on street tracks.”

The biggest issue isn’t her poor speeds, but how her poor speeds on the track are effecting other racers who get stuck behind her as they try to lap her. For more information on her driving patterns and public appearances, read more here.