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In Case You Didn’t Have Enough: More Mufflers

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We all are not lucky enough to race faster than the posted speed limits in our souped up hot rods. Rather than sit around depressed we are not famous NASCAR or F1 drivers, install quality parts into your street machine and show the asphalt who’s boss.

One of the easiest changes you can make to your stock ride is adding a performance muffler from Magnaflow. Magnaflow has been the leading manufacturer of exhaust components for over 20 years, and their mufflers are developed and designed to pass quality and performance evaluations.

Your racing venue, also known as your neighborhood, may have some noise laws—keep your speedracer’s tone within an acceptable decibel without sacrificing power. The flow-through design of Magnaflow’s Steel Race Series Mufflers puts the extra punch at the pedal.  And, they are available in multiple inlet/outlet sizes.

Plus, these mufflers don’t lack in the style department. They come in oval or round designs, stamped with the Magnaflow logo. They are crafted with smooth welds and polished for an endless shine. And, if their quality and looks don’t sell you, the Lifetime Magnaflow Warranty does.

Not quite ready to make the plunge for the Magnaflow 14151? Is that 5″ x 8″ Oval Race Muffler  with the 3.5″ Inlet/Outlet, 14″ Body Length just not calling your name? Try one of Magnaflow’s universal stainless steel round mufflers: Magnaflow 14616 or Magnaflow 14619..

Command the Asphalt Jungle with Magnaflow

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When your car hits the road, make sure Magnaflow’s on your side. With the help of Street Series Magnaflow Mufflers, your ride goes from driving in to commanding the asphalt jungle. The Street Series mufflers are designed for more power on your import engine. Plus, Magnaflow ensures these mufflers are restriction free for wide open power that results in a premium tone without domineering noise.

Ditch the chrome tips! Magnaflow’s muffler are crafted from stainless steel which lasts up to 5 times longer than those cheap tips from the local auto shop. Plus, these Magnaflow mufflers boast extreme polishing thanks to premium 400 series stainless steel construction and intense polishing from the inlet to the tips that puts other mufflers to shame. Plus, you can choose your tip option for the wide assortment of Magnaflow mufflers for a totally custom setup.

Interested in getting that deeper rumblin’ tone with a double tip setup? You’ve got a few options. The Magnaflow 14801 boasts a 2.5” Round DTM, or you could stick with the 2.5” inches but make it square with the Magnaflow 14802 2.5” Square DTM. When you need something a little bigger, check out the 3” double tips: 3” Round DTM (Magnaflow 14803) or 3” Square DTM (Magnaflow 14804).

Additional double tip variations also include:

Magnaflow 14815 – 3” Round Double-Wall Straight-Cut
Magnaflow 14805 – 3.5” Round Double-Wall Straight-Cut (3.75” tip length)
Magnaflow 14816 – 3.5” Round Double-Wall Straight-Cut (6.5” tip length)
Magnaflow 14807 – 4” Round Double-Wall Straight-Cut

Plus, each Magnaflow Street Series Mufflers is backed by a Lifetime Warranty!

Make Your Daily Driver Purr Like a Race Car

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Want your daily driver to rev with a more dignified tone? Does your rickety old truck need to be silenced? Need more power so you feel like you’re on the track next to Dale Earnhardt Jr.? If you do, these aftermarket exhaust pipes are worth checking out! Plus, they are manufactured by one of the industry’s most well-known brands—Magnaflow.

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2010 Subway Jalapeno 250

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Did you miss the 2010 Subway Jalapeno 250 at Daytona this past weekend? Catch the final laps as Dale Earnhardt Jr takes the race in the #3 NASCAR.

Also, hear the interviews with Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Richard Childress.

Mustang to Debut at Daytona

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The time has finally come—the debut of the NASCAR Nationwide 2010 on July 2, 2010 at the Daytona Speedway.

Ever since Ford announced that the Mustang would be competing in NASCAR, it’s debut has been highly anticipated. It starts in three NEXT Generation races, side by side the Challenger, Impala and Camry. And, these rides plan to race a full season in 2011. What’s even cooler is that these race cars resemble their street models.

And, the cherry on the top goes to the Mustang drivers. If the Mustang wins the race, the driver receives a brand new 2011 Mustang GT. Yep, that’s right the street machine that’s packed with 412 horses and a 5.0 liter engine.