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Move Over Danica Patrick

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Sixteen-year-old Savannah Rickli has her sights set high. She has aspirations to be the first women to win the Indy 500. For the past 9 years, Rickli has been starting her racing journey where most young racers start: racing karts. She currently competes in a Mini Cooper with heavy modifications and is sponsored by SCR Performance and Built By Bones.

This past weekend, Rickli finished the Pikes Peak International Hull Climb. It’s a one way, 12.4 mile trip up Colorado’s highest mountain. She scaled the mountain with a competitive time of 13:58.

Move over Danica Patrick, looks like Savannah Rickli is bringing the heat.

Honoring Les Richter

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Known as an all-pro linebacker with the LA Rams and a key force in setting the ground work for big-league racing in Southern California, Les Richter passed away at age 79 on Saturday, June 12.  Mr. Richter aka “Coach” passed away in a hospital in Riverside, California. Richter suffered from a brain aneurysm.

Source: WashingtonPost

NASCAR Wives Considered Boring?

Posted in NASCAR with tags , on June 9, 2010 by autoracingpower attempted to air a drama entitled “NASCAR Wives.” The television show not only never made it to the air, it was actually canceled. Why did TLC cancel? Apparently, these Racing Wives were not very racy; i.e. there was a lack of drama. The show was not controversial enough. The TLC network was hoping for more conflict, and these women didn’t naturally act like that.

The project cost NASCAR Media Group about $200,00 in production costs.

For more information on the cast and themes of this woulda-been series, check out

Webber to Stay with Red Bull

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Mark Webber has extended his contract with Red Bull, to continue racing until 2011. He is reported to be delighted with remaining with the team. His official website has this quote: “It was an easy decision to remain with Red Bull Racing. I continue to feel very comfortable here. I have a fantastic relationship with the whole team and the factory at Milton Keynes feels like home. It’s been incredible to be part of the team as it’s moved forward from a mid-field competitor to one that is challenging for the championship.”

The team’s boss, Christian Horner, is also happy to have Webber in the lineup for a few more years. He is an important member of the Red Bull team, and Cristian Horner states that Webber is in the best form of his career.


Race Like a Pro

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It’s only a guess, but we’re willing to bet that your daily driver is driven like a race car—of course only when the kids aren’t in it. But, your safety is important too, no matter what your spouse says in their fit of anger over how many performance parts you just bought for your speedy ride. And, to make sure you’re race-car-ready, be sure to install EBC’s Yellow Stuff Brake Pads. Remember, just like what goes up must come down…what speeds up must slow down. Slow your race car down safely with these direct replacement brake pads.

Neal Just Can’t Stay Out of Jail

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Does the name James Edward Neal ring a bell?

Neal was a former NASCAR driver in Gardena during the early 1980s. He had just completed his 2-week sentence for driving recklessly and evading authorities back on May 17th, when, only 5 hours after his release, he was again arrested. The former driver was accused of attempted rape and was jailed for investigation of  rape and false imprisonment. Bail was set at $1 million.

Source: The Associated Press