A Peak Into the World of Mobile Racing

You’ve seen the movie, you’ve played the game. Now, get Fast and Furious on your phone with a crazy-low priced app. For less than a dollar, you can race in several different race modes, like drag, drift or quick race. There is even a story mode which puts you completely in the driver’s seat for creative and challenging missions.

The inexpensive racing app also offers online play. So, go ahead and challenge your friend on their iPhone for a live race. And, the excitement is only intensified by the applications’ intense graphics and gnarly sound effects.

Worried you won’t be able to master the controls? Psh! It’s easy, and you’ll be mastering your speedster around tight corners in no time.

There are a total of 36 different vehicles. Everything from American muscle, exotics, imports, performance cars and trucks. With 18 different levels that are playable in 4 different locations: Domican Republic, LA, Mecio and underground tunnels between Mexico and the USA, this game is sure to keep you busy!

What’s even cooler? If you get a high score, you can set up your app to automatically tweet about your scores and other challenges.

Source: APPMODO.com


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