Looks Like the Coyote Will Never Catch the Roadrunner Now

Imagine driving at 190mph on a NASCAR track and catching a glimpse of a coyote less than 100 feet away. Find out what happened…

There’s no possibility of slowing down or avoiding the creature, what do you do? Well, with no options in mind, Brad Coleman, a driver for Joe Gibbs, ran over the animal. The following is how he describes the moments immediately after the collision.

“It just started smoking like crazy. And it smelled terrible. I didn’t see anything in the mirror, so I was like, ‘I wonder where it went?’”.

Well, we were taught that a smell like that doesn’t come along very often and that there was only one, gruesome possibility…the coyote was fused together with the car upon impact.

Check out the images from the disaster. Some believe them to be fake…what’s your take?

Source: TotalProSports.com


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