Formula 1 Back To Basics

Think you know everything there is to know about Formula 1 Racing? Well, this afternoon NASCAR changes will have your head spinning faster than the tires on those speed demons on the race track.

  1. NASCAR eases up on track rules; leaving drivers in control. One change that will boost competition and fuel excitement is the elimination of bump-drafting rules.
  2. Rumors of the switch from a wing back to the spoilers—reminiscent of the stock-car look.
  3. Brett Bodine added as the Director of Racing and R&D for NASCAR
  4. Tom Gideon is no the Director of Safety R&D
  5. Jamie Dipetro as the Manager of Safety Inspection R&D
  6. NASCAR Nationwide Series teams will be limited to only 15 crew members. 7 pit-crew members, spotter, crew chief and driver. This will be ineffective starting Feb. 13th. Team’s also will not be required to provide a scorer.
  7. “NASCAR Nationwide Series teams may run no more than two races in 2010 without using an engine sealed by series officials.”
  8. “NASCAR Camping World Truck Series teams will use double-file restarts in 2010, making restart rules uniform across all three national series.”

For more details and other changes visit

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