Racing an F1 Canoe?

What does a 2010 F1 race car have in common with a everyday canoe paddle? Nothing. At least that was the story until F1 powerhouse McLaren and the British Canoe Union combined forces to apply F1 technology to the water sport.

McLaren is more than a name in F1 racing, it is a household legend. However, don’t be deceived…they are more than fast cars. In fact, they’ve been hailed as “experts of data handling and measurement.” Talk about a compliment. They are planning on utilizes their technological savvy to build a paddle with a built-in sensor and transmitter.

Why? Excellent question. The thought process behind this union is brilliant. With the built in sensor and transmitter, the hope is that Olympic hopefuls will use this to train. And, the benefits to them are numerous. Using this technology, the paddle sends real time data the a coach’s laptop where components of training can be assessed. Attributes like force, efficiency and pull are just some examples of what the sensor can monitor. The brain paddle can even indicate which are problem or weak areas, and where improvements must be made.

The only down fall? Those slackers who don’t have what it takes won’t be able to “fake it until they make it.” Is that really a downside? No.

Why would McLaren be happy with this marriage of technology and canoe paddle? Oh, and did we mention it is not-for-profit? The real reason behind McLaren’s participation is that they would have access to human date. This greatly will help their future espansion into medical applications. McLaren…what can’t they do?!



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