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Formula 1 2009 Rec-Cap Video

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Watch this Formula 1 2009 Review Video and catch up on all the happenings in 2009.

Formula 1 Wishes All Fans A Happy Holiday

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Check out the Formula 1 Holiday Card and the letter they put together summing up their incredible 2009 year.

Nascar collides with Country Music

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January 8-9, 2010, the fifth consecutive Sprint Sound & Speed will be held in Music City. The event always attracts a multitude of fans and raises large sums of money for the Victory Junction Gang Camp.  Event features the biggest and greatest names in country music and car and sponsor displays throughout. Check to see if your favorite NASCAR drivers and country music artists will be there.

Renault To Continue Racing in F1

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Source: The Associated Press

After the Flavio Briatore crash scandal, French carmaker Renault was rumored to leave F1. However, on Wednesday they agreed to sell a large portion of the team to a private investment firm. This ensures they will be able to continue racing in Formula One. The proposed firm was Genii Capital. Renault now says that the Renault team will be run by both companies concurrently, under the Renault name. Neither company disclosed the amount of the company that would be sold, however reports indicate it may be up to a staggering 80%. Genii informs that it plans to run the Renault team with a restricted-budget model.

Lotus 2010 F1 Line Up

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The following two drivers are in the Lotus 2010 Formula 1 Line Up : Jarno Trulli and Heikki Kovalainen

Patrick Revving Into NASCAR

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A source says Danica Patrick has closed a deal with JR Motorsports to begin racing for NASCAR. Accordingly, Patrick will soon announce a partial Nationwide Series schedule.

Concurrently, last week Patrick signed a three-year extension with Andretti Autosport, but her schedule will also allow her to race in NASCAR. And, there is no speculation to how many races Patrick will participate in.

As an extra tidbit of information, Danica Patrick’s sponsor will be


Quick Glance at F1 Testing in Southern Spain

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There is only one driver present in the F1 testing in southern Spain this week that has a confirmed place on next year’s starting roster. And, that driver is Germany’s Nico Hulkenberg.

The test is the only one allowed before the New Year. It’s geared towards giving young drivers experience that is banned throughout the rest of the season. These drivers come from seven different countries, and may not have a representative in grand prix racing the upcoming year.

Some of these youngsters are closer than others into being inducted into the world of F1. The promising few are: Lucas di Grassi, Paul di Resta and JR Hildebrand.

Source: TimesLive

General Manager of JR Motorsports to Handle Patrick Negotiations

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Kelley Earnhardt to Handle All Negotiations with Danica Patrick

Co-owners Rick Hendrick and Dal Earnhardt JR. are allowing JR Motorsports GM, Kelley Earnhardt handle all negotiations with the notable Danica Patrick. Earnhardt Jr. openly admits that he has no details on which stage of the process negotiations are in.

Earnhardt Jr. believes Danica would be a wonderful addition to the NASCAR sport.  He admits she is exciting to watch and has an impressive racing resume.

Sources say Danica Patrick’s website showed her in a Motorsports uniform, hinting at a final decision to join NASCAR in 2010. Danica revealed her 2 year contract to drive in the Izod IndyCar Series. Plus, it is a joint contract with an optional third year.