Danica Patrick’s Point of View

Source: AutoRacingDaily.com

Danica Patrick had a tough 2009. Although she says, “That’s not to say that it was all bad.”

In 2009, Danica finished 5th in points, setting her highest point record of her career. She relished in that, but knows that what she really is after is wins every weekend and battling for championships.

Her team knows success, having wona  lot of races and three championships to show in the IndyCar Series. Patri

ck boasts that her team has talented drivers, so they know how to get the job done. They just need to start performing at the level they used to.

Patrick expresses how wonderful it was to have Michael Andretti call her races and run her pit. She understands that he has seen just about everything in his driving career and his insight is invaluable to her.

Patrick talks about her finish in at Indy, and talks about how people expected her to be there and that there was not a lot of commotion over her gender, or ever that finishing in third was the best ever for a woman. However, Danica tells us she was not satisfied with third; she went with the idea of winning. Miss Patrick expressed that overall she was happy with the season.


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