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Formula 1 to Make Return to North America?

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united-states-formula-1The only Formula 1 Grand Prix in North America last year was the Canadian Grand Prix, and in case you haven’t checked this year’s schedule yet, North America has been excluded completely.

Canadian officials have confirmed that they have been talking to Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone to bring Formula 1 back to the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve in Montreal. The Canadians are hoping to come to a more reasonable agreement with Bernie in order to secure another Formula 1 stint in Canada. While bringing back the Canadian Grand Prix would be the easiest solution for North America, other projects are in the works.

A track near Niagara Falls, Ontario is rumored to be built which would include a 1 mile oval track for NASCAR (yawn) and a 2.5 miles road track. Seating for the venue to reported to be at 100,000. Other projects which are supposedly in the works include a track in upstate New York and near Detriot.


Ferrari Scrambles as Questionable Diffuser Design Ruled Legal

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Formula 1 Diffuser

Formula 1 Diffuser

The complaints over the double-decker rear diffuser designs have been rejected as the diffusers were ruled legal by the FIA’s International Court of Appeal. Brawn, Toyota and Williams were all using the different diffusers which are believed to give the cars at least a half second advantage per lap.

Following the recent ruling, Ferrari stated that they have no choice but to modify the Ferrari F60 in 2009 in order to be able to compete.

Ferrari have gotten off to a horrible 2009 campaign as team drivers Felipe Massa and Kimi Raikkonen haven’t secured even one point in the first two races.


BMW Tries to Lighten Load to Accommodate KERS for Kubica

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KERS - Kinetic Energy Recovery System

KERS - Kinetic Energy Recovery System

BMW Sauber is attempting to launch a lighter version of its F1.09 in time for the Spanish Grand Prix to increase the chances of Robert Kubica being able to use KERS in his car. Kubica hasn’t been able to use KERS yet due to the extra weight it adds. The extra weight hurts the handling and increase the tire degradation.

Nick Heidfeld, Kubica’s BMW teammate has been able to use the KERS since he is weighs much less than Kubica.


BMW is confident that KERS provides an advantage on the track, which is why they are making such an effort to equip Kubica’s car.

Caught On Tape: FIA Official Crashes Renault R28

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U.A.E. F1 representative Mohammed bin Sulayem crashed a Renault R28 Formula 1 car during the Renault Roadshow at the Dubai Autodrome. He was drag racing another car when the Renault suddenly veered to the right and crashed into the concert barrier. Bin Sulayem was not hurt in the accident.

New Evidence Disqualifies Hamilton from Australian GP

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hamilton-australian-gpIn last Sunday’s Australian Formula 1 race, Toyota’s Jarno Trulli finished the race in the third. He was later penalized 25 seconds for an alleged illegal pass of Lewis Hamilton while the safety car was out. McLaren was responsible for filing the complaint. The Trulli’s penalty pushed Hamilton into the third position, a very impressive finish especially considering Hamilton started at 18th on the grid.

New evidence has now surfaced that is indicating Hamilton let Trulli go by intentionally. Hit the jump to continue… Continue reading