Brawn Reigns Supreme in Melbourne F1 Debut

APTOPIX Australia Auto Racing F1 GPThe Brawn GP debut in Melbourne, Australia couldn’t have been any better. The team finished the race taking the top two spots with Rubens Barrichello finishing 2nd and Jenson Button winning the race from pole. There is still a great deal of controversy regarding the diffusers used by the Brawn GP, Williams and Toyota teams. Ferrari, Red Bull and Renault protested the use of the diffusers stating they were illegal. The race stewards dismissed these claims and decided the diffusers were acceptable according to FIA regulation. It is believed that the protesting teams will follow up with their previous complaint claiming that while the diffusers are technically legal according to the regulations, they violate the “spirit” of the rule.

The impact of KERS was not extremely noticible it’s debut race. The top team of the weekend, Brawn GP, is not ultilizing KERS in the 2009 season. Some drivers were heard on their team radio transmission complaining they were unable to catch the driver in front of them and they suspected it was due to the use of KERS by the lead car. The debate on KERS rages on as the benefits of the extra power are almost perfectly negated by the extra weight of the unit.

While the attention was on British driver Jenson Button, the driver with the most impressive race was the other British driver, Lewis Hamilton. Starting from the 18th spot on the grid, Hamilton worked his way to the front of the pack to finish in 4th. He was ultimately awarded 3rd after Jarno Trulli was penalized 25 seconds for passing while the safety car was out.

Sebastian Vettel and Robert Kubica were both having a great race until they unnecesarily tangled up. They ended up crashing due to damages sustained from their incident. Kaz Nakajima, Heikki Kovalainen also did not finish the race due to accidents.

Team Ferrari had a disappointing GP. Raikkonen had a problem with his differential while Massa suffered problems with his suspension.

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