Ferrari President and Shumacher Sound Off on Formula 1 Rule Changes

ferarri-f1The President of Ferrai, Luca Cordero di Montezemolo, has lashed out against Formula One’s new scoring system calling it “dangerous” and “absurd”. The FIA’s new scoring system will name the champion based on who wins the most races as opposed to the previous points system. If this system was in place last year the championship would have been handed to Felipe Massa instead of Lewis Hamilton.

“I find it really absurd, serious and dangerous that one week before the start of the season we have created a situation of this nature which is very negative for our credibility, the teams, the constructors, the supporters, the journalists and the sponsors,” said Montezemolo. “I would like this climate to become more responsible, the teams have already reduced their costs by 50 percent. It’s important to create a more serene climate and to avoid continuously changing the rules, things that provoke trouble and worries for those doing the work.”

7-time World Champion Michael Schumacher has also recently expressed his disagreement of the new rules the FIA has imposed on Formula 1, especially the new scoring system.

“I cannot imagine those changes to help F1, especially regarding the new system to find the champion,”Schumacher said.

“I cannot see how it makes sense to eventually have a world champion who has less points than the driver coming in second, even if I think it is a good move to strengthen the winner’s position.”

The Formula 1 season resumes on March 29th in Melbourne, Australia.

Source: AFP, CNN

One Response to “Ferrari President and Shumacher Sound Off on Formula 1 Rule Changes”

  1. The system has actually now been deferred by FIA according to various sources.

    Hamilton was one of many drivers and teams protesting against the new system. It’s only natural to do so, the new system is absolutely absurd.

    FIA released the following statement:

    “The new scoring system has been deferred until 2010, but I’m sure this will be reviewed throughout the course of the season as any new rule changes have to have teams approval before we proceed.

    We’re slightly surprised that the teams have taken this long to come forward as we were under the impression that they were happy with the rule changes.”

    I also did a similar article on my blog.

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