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Ferrari Scuderia F430 Spider Virtual Tour

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Scuderia Spider 16MIf you’ve always wanted to sit in a new Ferrari from the comfort of your home or office here is your chance. This virtual tour gives a 360 degree look inside the Ferrari Scuderia F430 Spider. This beauty features a naturally aspirated V8 that pumps out 510 horsepower. All this power is controlled by a 6-speed Formula 1 style gearbox for super quick shifting and a 0-60 in about 3.7 seconds. And if that isn’t enough for you, it also comes with a 16GB iPod touch that integrates into the stereo system. Click the link below to jump in the cockpit.

Take the virtual tour.

New F1 Williams FW31 Photos

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Williams has just released the final design featuring the new color scheme of their new FW31 car for the 2009 season. The dark blue color scheme would have really made the car stand out on the track but for some reason they decided to go with the light blue and white.

Video of USF1 Official Announcement

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It’s official. In 2010, there will be a United States based team competing in Formula 1. Team principals Ken Anderson and Peter Windsor announced that the team’s headquarters will be in North Carolina and will feature engines, chassis and drivers all from America.

Auto Parts Suppliers – Bailout Needed

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The ripple effect from the decline in GM, Ford and Chrysler has been spreading. Auto parts suppliers have seen their business cut significantly and many of these auto parts companies don’t think they will be able to stay afloat without help from Uncle Sam. Two major auto parts supplier groups will soon make a formal request for a loan from the government. They are expected to ask for $25 billion in order to stay in business. The Original Equipment Suppliers Association states that auto parts suppliers employ about 600,000 people in the U.S. A collapse of this industry would be a major blow to the already difficult U.S. economy.

Companies such as FormTech Industries employs 44o people in Royal Oak, Michigan. They make shafts, gears and other components from raw steel. FormTech’s parts end up in about ninety percent of GM, Ford and Chrysler vehicles. Michael Ryan, President and CEO of FormTech, is almost out of cash and may soon be unable to purchase the raw materials the company uses to create their products.

Auto parts suppliers are normally paid 45 days after delivery of the products. This further adds to their current cash crunch.  The request for government assistance will include a $7 billion lump sum to be used specifically to help speed up the payments to suppliers.

All threats to the auto industry are also threats to motor sports. We have already seen racing teams such as Honda pull out of Formula 1 due to cost concerns. Formula 1 has started to significantly change regulations with cost cutting in mind knowing that auto manufacturers are hurting. Let’s hope the economy and auto industry turns around as soon as possible and this whole problem soon becomes a distant memory.

Source: The AP

RB5 Photos – New Red Bull Formula 1 Car Released

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red-bull-rb5-10The Red Bull Formula 1 team has released their new challenger for the 2009 season, the RB5. This is the car Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber will be driving this season. The Red Bull team has high hopes for Vettel after last season when he became the youngest ever driver to win a Formula 1 race.

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Natacha Gachnang a Hollywood Celebrity?

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It seems that the Bloggers over at are considering Natacha Gachnang a Hollywood celebrity. While their only real requirements are just a pretty face, it is interesting how popular a foreign Formula 2 driver is becoming stateside. They may be assuming Natacha will take a similar path to IndyCar “star” Danica Patrick. They also state that she is a model and don’t mention that she races cars, even though she wears a driving suit and is holding a helmet in some pictures.


Click through below for the pictures.