Flywheel and KERS – Racing Auto Parts

In a traditional vehicle, the flywheel is the large wheel connected to the crankshaft that provides the momentum to keep the crankshaft turning while power is not being applied. The momentum is created by the energy generated during the power stroke. This energy is also used to drive the crankshaft, connecting rods and pistons during the three idle strokes of the 4-stroke cycle. This makes for a smooth engine speed. The flywheel forms one surface of the clutch and is the base for the ring gear.

Flywheel and KERS


The upcoming season of Formula 1 will allow teams to incorporate the new Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) system into their cars. This addition will essentially turn the cars into hybrids. KERS is not a battery electric hybrid technology that most people are familiar with. The recovered energy is stored in a rotating flywheel instead of being converted into electricity and then applied through an electric motor. The flywheel is approximately 5 kilograms and contained inside the car’s transmission. This stored energy in the flywheel can be used by pressing a boost button during certain times of the race.


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