Brake Pads – Racing Auto Parts

brake-padsFormula 1 cars use “carbon/carbon” brake pads. Carbon/carbon is a composite material that consists of carbon fiber in a matrix of graphite. It was originally created for the nose cones of intercontinental ballistic missiles and is also the material used for nose cone and leading edges on the Space Shuttles. Carbon/carbon was brought to Formula 1 by the Brabham team in 1976 and the material is now standard in Formula 1 brake systems.

The carbon/carbon brake pads are actuated by a 6-piston opposed caliper. The calipers must be made of aluminum alloy. The calipers also utilize titanium pistons. The titanium pistons help save weight, but they have a low thermal conductivity, which reduces the flow of heat into the brake fluid. No more than two brake pads are allowed per rotor.

Full carbon pads with full carbon rotors allow for normal operation up to 3000 degrees Fahrenheit!



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