Radiator – Racing Auto Parts

radiatorFormula One engines work very hard. The shift point for these technological marvels is at 19,000RPM! The harder the engine works the more heat it produces, and all this heat must be taken away from the engine to avoid destroying it. This very important task is given to the radiators, which move heat from the engine into the atmosphere. Heat from engine combustion is absorbed by cooling liquids, which is constantly being circulated. The fluids carry the heat to the radiators where it is cooled by the airflow. The cooled fluids then cycle back to the engine to repeat the process. The efficiency of the cooling is determine by the area of the radiators and the amount of air flowing through them. However, the size the radiators must be minimized in order to reduce the amount of drag on the vehicle and increase the top speed.

Formula One cars do not have cooling fans like road cars. They don’t need them since their average speed is around 100mph. Due to the lack of cooling fans, when the car is running and not moving it is in danger of overheating and cooking the engine. On Formula One cars the radiators are located on the sidepods, to the left and right of the engine.

Source: atlasf1.com


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