Aston Martin Owner In Running To Buy Honda F1 Team


Aston Martin owner and former team principal of BAR and Benetton F1, David Richards, is said to be interested in purchasing the newly for sale Honda F1 team. Richards owns the Prodrive racing team, which races in the World Rally Championship and the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Prodrive attempted to enter into F1 for the 2008 season but ended up having to pull out. The intentions to enter F1 were made clear.

Prodrive and Aston are said to have good relationships with Mercedes, who could be a potential engine supplier for Prodrive. Mercedes is already providing engines for 2 other F1 cars besides their own, so extending this offer to another team seems very feasible. Prodrive has also stated that they are relocated to Wroxall, Warwickshire. This could be a possible headquarters for a Prodrive F1 R&D team. The building they will be using will be able to house about 1,000 employees.

It appears that all of the ingredients necessary for a successful Formula One team are converging at Prodrive.


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