What’s Your Favorite Make Modification?

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We have comprosed a few lists of our favorite vehicle modifications listed out by make and posted them up on the AutoAnything.com website. Send us your feedback or simply reply with a comment to the following questions:

What is the favorite mod that you have done to your ride?

What is the one mod that you wish you currently had?

Here are the modification ideas listed out by vehicle Make:

Carl Edwards vs Jimmie Johnson – Who Will Take The Cake

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Image Source: http://www.dragnix.net/Legends/

The race between Carl Edwards and Jimmie Johnson is panning out to be neck and neck after 11 races. There are still many believers in a few strong outings from Kevin Harvick, but it will likely come down to these 2 power houses. Many bloggers and NASCAR enthusiasts have been noting that Edwards has the edge with a stronger pit crew and faster car, but Jimmie still has strong experience on his side.

Check out our updated poll located in the right side and let us know who you think will be driving the solo drive down victory lane… whether it’s Carl Edwards, Jimmie Johnson or anyone else for that matter.

Post brought to you by Andrew Bernhardt, auto accessory and race fan that writes about extang trifecta tonneau covers and all sorts of other car covers reviews.

Despite Lackluster Racing, Danica Still Gets Racy

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Based on past racing performance, Danica Patrick isn’t creating any NASCAR buzz for this upcoming 2011 season. However, Miss Patrick has found another way to get racy.

GoDaddy.com is known for their provocative commercials—which are always a big hit amongst the Super Bowl audience. And, this year is no exception. GoDaddy features a commercial with personal trainer, Jillian Michaels, and Danica Patrick, in which the two lovely ladies are seen discussing contract stipulations with their agents. Both Danica and Jillian agree that they don’t want to take part in such an over-the-top stunt. While, their agents calmly remind them that not only have they done “racy” ads before, they are both contractually obligated.

After the pair reluctantly adheres to the “racy” contract, the two leave a dressing room. The camera pans the floor while a provocative song plays, and we see both ladies’ feet adorned with shiny, silver heels. They continue walking to set as people gawk at them.

Then, right as a crew member trips over himself, the commercial ends…and viewers are advised to visit GoDaddy.com to see more!

The Drive to End Hunger

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What happens when AARP teams up with NASCAR? The Drive to End Hunger. The campign includes volunteer-led food driver, corporate fundraising, local outreach and more.  Thanks to Jeff Gordon and Hendrick Motorsports, the No. 24 ride is wrapped in AARP logos to spotlight the fight to solve the problem of hunger in older Americans.

The new 3-year campaign began at the West Virginia State Capitol today, Monday, January 10th, 2011 and will continue.  AARP challenges people to make a year-long commitment by pledging each month to participate in donating or by volunteering at a local food or soup kitchen.

New Racing Team: Junior Johnson Racing

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Hall of Famer Junior Johnson has created Junior Johnson Racing (JJR). Why? He’s hoping to use the team to propel his young son, Robert, into the Sprint Cup Series. Junior plans to run this team from shops on his Hamptonville estate—yep, surrounded by animals and all. The new team has names behind it like Keith Barnwel, who will act at the executive vice president and general manager.

Robert Johnson is currently scheduled to run the full K&N Pro Series East schedule and also plans to drive in other Late Model events. And, in preparation, Johnson hired two veteran mechanics with K&N experience—smart move.

Image Source: SPRINT CUP PRACTICE, Flickr

Santa’s Ride

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Still stuck on the notion that good ol’ St. Nick zooms around the Christmas skies in his sleigh pulled by reindeer? Think again! Santa’s cruisin’ around in a stylish VW Bug with Rudolf in the back. Play this fun holiday game to try and help Santa with all the presents.


1st Annual Victory Juntion Wish Upon A Star Holiday Gala

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Friday December 17th marked the 1st annual Victory Junction Wish Upon A Star Holiday Gala in Charlotte, NC.The children and grandchildren of famous NASCAR drivers worked to spread the word to give back to the community. The event was sponsored by Victory Junction & Newman’s Own Foundation. Victory Junction is a camp for chronically ill children and Newman’s Own Foundation is a charitable food company started by Paul Newman. More than 5550 children and family members gathered at the event in attempt to inspire kids during the holiday season.

For more information, visit VictoryJunction.org

Rest in Peace Tom Walkinshaw

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At the age of 64, Tom Walkinshaw died Sunday after suffering from cancer.

Most people know Walkinshaw as the engineering director for Michael Schumacher during one of his championship seasons with the Benetton Formula One team. He also was known for his victories in 1988 and 1990 with Jaguar in the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Take a look at this brief Youtube video at a glance into the life of Tom Walkinshaw.

Trading Paint – Book Highlight

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Ever argued with your beer-holding, chip munching buddy about who the greatest NASCAR driver of all time was? Ever bet about how Danica Patrick would perform in NASCAR? Ever heckle your brother-in-law because he thought the crash of the century was merely a fender bender? In Trading Paint, Jerry Bonkowski, a veteran NASCAR writer gets down to the bottom of this and many more NASCAR debates. Thanks to Bonkowski’s point of view in the book, the next time you take on a NASCAR-related argument, you can be ready with some cold, hard facts…and boom, you’ll win.

Check out the book online or purchase it at Amazon.com

Ecclestone Survives Mugging

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The 80-year old Bernie Ecclestone was robbed outside of his Formula One Holdings headquarters in Knightsbridge, central London. He was punched in the face and kicked by four men. Ecclestone was heading to his HQ with girlfriend Fabiana Flosi.

Bernie Ecclestone was taken to a London hospital and treated for a minor head injury. Since there were no other reports filed, we assume Miss Flosi was unharmed.

The bandits escaped with his jewelry worth £200,000. There are currently no arrests and officers from Westminster robbery squad have been assigned the case.